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Absolute Renovations - Overview

Essentially, Absolute Renovations is me, Craig Ludlow, and I’ve been in the building industry for almost 20 years. It's my passion and is the reason why I put my heart and soul into every project I do, no matter how big or small. I complete every project on time, within budget and to the highest possible standard of workmanship.

My building credentials

I joined Certified Builders in 2008 and became a Licensed Builder Practitioner in 2012. All my work is guaranteed by the Certified Builder’s Association (with a contract) and through the government’s Licensed Builder Practitioner scheme. This ensures you have the peace of mind reassurance that the work I undertake for you will be of the highest quality.

I like the variety that my job offers, the people I meet and the wonderful places that I get to go to.  After all, how many people can say that they have had their morning tea on top of Mt Lion? (while building staircases) or working on a TV programme (mitre 10 dream home).

Builder vs. Renovator

When I ventured out on my own as a self employed builder almost 10 years ago, clients would often tell me that when they started looking for a builder to complete their renovation job, “everyone was a builder”. That wasn’t helpful as it made it extremely hard for them to decide which one they should choose for their renovation job. That’s why I’ve made it clear from the beginning that I specialise in renovation projects.

Tap into a network of exceptional and affordable tradesmen

I've also found that once I started a project and my clients observed how I work, they would ask me if I, or someone I knew and trusted, could undertake other jobs around their home or business. While some were jobs not within my area of expertise, I had worked on many projects with several tradesmen whose work in my view, is outstanding. I trust them implicitly and everyone I work with is NZ building industry qualified.

My clients find it hugely valuable that when they engage my services, they eliminate stress because I act as the single point of contact AND I can manage all on-site tradesmen and tasks.  

What I love most about my role as a self employed builder is that clients often become friends and I get to help people realise their dreams within a budget that they can afford, whether it be a small renovation, or a full re-build.

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